End Mom Guilt Now!

When was the last time you judged another mom?  In the school drop-off line when someone wore pajamas (gasp)? At the park when you saw a mom let her drippy nose kid touch all the equipment?  For her child being a brat?

Here at GetOutMom.com we want to help moms help each other, instead of judging and feeling like we need to measure up to “fill in the blank.”

What do you wish moms wouldn’t judge you for?  Not having a clean house?  Breast feeding in public? Hitting the fast food drive through again this week?

REDBOOK magazine is backing an effort to “end mom guilt now,” which is a movement meant to banish mom-on-mom criticism and instill some mommy pride among the mommy masses, says REDBOOK Editor in Chief Jill Herzig.

“One of the things we really like to stand by is the idea that we [moms] should all be listening to each other,” says Herzig. Instead of coming down on one side or another, we should tap into the great diversity of mom voices out there, she adds. “And if you tune into enough people, you will always find a like-minded person, who can help you.”

Herzig, a mom of two, believes that guilt and judgment go hand in hand. “If you didn’t feel there was a whole peanut gallery judging you, you wouldn’t walk around with guilt,” she says.

“We are all juggling balls. We all have strengths and weaknesses,” Herzig says. “Let’s take one day to admit we are all not perfect.”

REDBOOK couldn’t agree more. After all, in their  TODAYMoms/Parenting.com survey of 26,000 moms, they were amazed to find that 90 percent of us judge other moms, for everything from breast-feeding habits to bratty kids.

Back to GetOutMom.com.  How can we help End Mom Guilt Now?  Perhaps it’s as easy as giving you permission to browse listings,  and finding a task to hire out.  It’s ok to hire (or barter) with someone to save precious time.  Sometimes we just need to hear it’s ok to reach out to others to get help with a project from your to-do list… especially if you’re a new mom, or a new SAHM… you may need to hear it’s “ok.”

To men’s credit, I do believe if the majority of them stayed home to juggle the craziness there would be a lot more outsourcing and a lot less guilt.  I hate to admit it, but they would most likely be more efficient.  I have a feeling I may catch some grief for that last statement, but I do believe it to be true.

I’m so impressed with the moms I’ve met through GetOutMom.com.  Time and time again I’ve seen them support each other and be there to lend a helping hand.  So much talent is offered and I’m happy so many people are realizing that.


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