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I bet you’ve been asking yourselves some questions. I know we have over here. So how will start a tidal wave of positive ripple effects? That answer is easy: By affecting one mom at a time. We all know the power of moms (both working and staying-at-home) is ginormous! They have an incredible influence on pretty much everything that makes this country tick.

I’ll give a classic example, Mom X. Might as well admit that mom X happens to live inside of me and are my thoughts…but rest assured over the last 10 years I’ve talked to countless moms who have felt the same way. So Mom X is a new mom and breast feeding her child. When her husband walks by the room Mom X actually says, “Mooooo.” Granted Mom X isn’t up for any mom-of-the-year awards, and she’s not trying to slam motherhood, she just simply feels like a cow.  If Mom X could do something for herself even a couple hours a week, something that doesn’t involve diapers, feeding, laundry, cleaning, chauffeuring, and taking care of everybody else but herself, there is no doubt those other tasks wouldn’t seem like they are turning her brain to mush at times.

Mom X self-imposes her sentence, thinking that when the switch was flipped and she became a mother, she would no doubt appreciate every piece of honor that goes with the CEO title of being queen of the household. What mom X doesn’t like to admit is that she is somewhat resentful of her husband, who can still pursue his career and still be a dad when he gets home at night. Mom X wants to be like some of the strong moms who aren’t afraid of claiming their stake in the professional world and keep working full time…but the fact remains that many moms would rather work fewer hours that are more conducive to their personal family dynamic, and since that’s often not an option ~ many mom X’s give it a shot to stay home and  s l o w l y  transfer all their eggs into their husband’s basket, and may even  s l o w l y  fall into serious like with their new lifestyle…but also  s l o w l y  start to resent the fact that their work skills are becoming outdated, and are a bit scared watching their old careers disappearing as fast as their new children are growing up. (Phew, I know that was A LOT for one sentence, but you get my drift, right?)

Mom X would love to have some sort of concrete answer to “What did I do today?” (…besides the obvious of running the household and taking care of the kids, question). Mom X would love to say, “Thanks to Get Out Mom, I worked for 2 hours and made some money doing something fun.” Mom X would love to say, “I hired another mom to help me organize the garage and we’re making great progress,” or even, “I picked up more clients today and am one step closer to starting my own business!” The ripple effect is simple ~ happier moms make for happier families, which in turn is the foundation of our entire country’s work force.

What about Mom Y you ask? I agree, there is definitely a mom Y….more to come.


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9 Responses to Mom X

  1. Jean says:

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say. As a professional women with some job flexibility and a husband with a flexible job that actually allows him to spend more time during the week with our son than I do – this post seems antiquated and old fashioned. My husband and I have a good division of labor and childcare.

    Since you started your FB page, I’ve been curious what your site is going to do and I’m not sure. I know so many professional educated women finding creative ways to work professionally and stay home part of the time as well. Lawyers, teachers, managers etc. who work 3 days a week and are home 2 etc. Why do they have to start a garage cleaning business?

    Hopefully, it will all become clear. Right now, I am feeling like the professional women who like their careers and home life, are going to get the short end of the stick like I see so often around Geist. Maybe that’s not the case. We’ll see!

    • Cami says:

      Hi Jean,
      Sooooo nice to hear that you are one of the lucky women who have job flexibility, and as a bonus your husband does as well! That is exactly what we are hoping to help other moms achieve. So often they are forced to give up their jobs because of rigid work schedules that are not conducive to their family dynamic. Our platform will provide moms options to define their own jobs, both schedule wise and pay wise. Moms will be able to post either a skill that is related to their dormant career, or post that they would like to get hired for a talent they possess like organizing, gardening, or running errands, etc. Others will plug into a large pool of talent and either hire someone to help them complete a task, or hire a mom to help them learn a new skill, etc.

      It’s wonderful to hear from a woman like yourself that seems to have a nice balance. I too have a wonderful work balance being a job sharing teacher… I can assure you we are in the minority! Our Goal here at Get Out is to help other women find a better balance… whether it involves working more, or hiring out tasks that can add stress to their lives (personally I’ll be doing more hiring!). In addition, in this economy we know a good portion of people are piecing together smaller jobs to create a larger work schedule, and this community will help them reach others to achieve their goals.

      We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from moms both staying-at-home and working, and are getting so pumped to let this fly soon.
      Thank you for following our FB page and for your sharing your thoughts!!!


      • Jean says:

        Great! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. I have just seen a lot of mom sites that are anti-working mom. Glad this isnt one of them. 60% of women work and have a lot more power economically than ever before. Workplaces are becoming much more flexible, especially if you have a degree.

        But many women and MEN don’t have that kind of flexibility, but that is changing because employees are demanding it.

        Only in the US do we seem to not get that flex time, actually using your vacation time, and a good home-work balance can make the workforce a lot more productive!!!!

        Things are changing, but we have to push for it. Good luck, can’t wait to see how it all takes shape!fo

        • Cami says:

          I hear ya that many mom sites can be anti-working. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of mom sites out there… but what I’ve found is that they pretty much cater to being a mom, with all the mom activity support links, info, and groups. Ours is built to support the person inside the mom, the person that gets put on the back burner. We are posting a new memo that it’s ok to work a little (or a lot), because you actually want to! Many moms out there would love to work if they could just find a job that allows them to do something they enjoy-during their specific time frames that they are available. Ours will not only support that, but will allow them to “pause” their availability if they have a busy week coming up and would rather not work, or take summers off, etc!

          You’ve inspired me to share something about the site in one of my upcoming blogs (stay tuned). Thanks again Jean!

  2. Joy says:

    Hey there. I like what you have to say, but at the same time, I’m wondering when the website will be up and running, and what exactly you will be doing to help the Mom X type? I hear you defining the problem but, as of yet, no concrete answers to it…not trying to bash, just trying to understand…

    • Cami says:

      HI Joy,

      Good news – the website will be up and running within a few weeks – wahooo. Until then, feel free to review my second blog about purpose and see if that helps clarify.

      In a nutshell though, anyone who would like to work a few hours a week (or more), will now have a community that they can post their skills in. Mom X can post what skills or talents she is offering to get paid for and another person can hire her. Mom X can say she’s able to work only Monday mornings (completely define her schedule), define her rates (or if she’d rather barter), say how far she’s willing to travel (or only be willing to work in her own neighborhood)… then wait until someone else sees her post and hires her. Get Out Mom will link moms, provide their own dashboards to message, arrange details, and track progress of jobs. Ratings will be earned so at a glance you can read testimonies and be sure about who you want to hire, or be hired by!

      We are SOOOO excited to get this going and help moms across the country!

  3. homemom3 says:

    Not really sure where I fit in between Mom X or Mom Y. I’ve basically been a SAH/WAH mom for the past 15 years, ever since the birth of my first child. For a long time I didn’t mind being home, but in the recent few years I’ve began going to college, got my AA and can’t wait to actually try my hand at the professional side of life. Under Mom X and Mom Y I don’t think I fit either of them because I never worked first. I do like the idea of being able to find help or work with someone from your site though. Will be going through other posts now. Good luck!

    • Cami says:

      Sounds to me like you might be a Mom Z (upcoming post!). There certainly are many types of moms out there. Regardless, I’m very impressed that you’ve accomplished so much recently – that takes some serious motivation! Good luck with your future work endeavors and definitely do some posting with us… either to work a little bit more or to hire something out that will help simplify. :)

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