AppealTrack hires Krista

GetOutMom connects moms to jobs.  Talented moms.  Dedicated, responsible and reliable moms.   We have an Indy area pool of talent that runs deep.  Recently one such mom, Krista, joined the dynamic team of AppealTrack in Broad Ripple, IN to help with their marketing, sales operations and administrative duties.

AppealTrack, founded by Doug Collins in 2010, has revolutionized property tax with cloud-based software, and their culture is family oriented.  Flexibility works for them because they’re a team of responsible, self-motivated people who are building something great. HEY… that sure sounds like what most women strive for daily with their very own family… no wonder Krista is a great match for them!  Krista, like many women, scaled back her work career to be home with her 3 kids who are in elementary, middle and high school. Schools and churches couldn’t exist without dedicated parents like Krista - and she’s been involved in countless volunteer roles.  She felt the timing was right to transition back into the work force and merge her energy with a professional team.

AppealTrack and GetOutMom are also a great match.  AppealTrack isn’t big like Exact Target (Salesforce) or Angie’s List…. YET.  They don’t have the budget to pay employee benefits…. yet.  They don’t have a huge corporate office…yet.  What they DO have is a dedicated group of smart professionals who are growing their established biz at an impressive rate while housed at Developer Town. What they DO have is a truly amazing TEAM.  What they DO have is a profitable SaaS company with a 50% annual growth rate who has managed over $92 trillion in assets nationally – wowzer!  Every employee feels blessed to be part of their company  and now Krista is their newest family member. They were methodical and choosy on whom they wanted to “let in.”  After sitting down as a team and deciding what their ideal new hire would be responsible for, Josh Colter contacted me direct (  I listened, forwarded resumes and served up 3 qualified candidates. Josh interviewed them and was impressed with all three.  He then had them take a Disc profiler and found the best match. Pretty simple process!

AppealTrack is now hiring a sales person to join their growing company. If you think your experience could help you be an asset to their team then let’s chat. I love facilitating win-win-wins!


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Curry Agency Inc. Hires Kelsie

Todd loves living in Indiana.  He’s a dad and husband, a sports fan, a navy veteran, and an independent insurance agency owner.  Todd Curry is a business owner who “gets it.” He gets the fact that balancing your job with your family often requires one spouse to be flexible; to be the go-to force that keeps the home front running while the other is chasing down business and servicing clients; to be on call when kiddos need immediate attention.  That’s why he chose from GetOutMom’s pool of talented moms to fill a part-time position at Curry Insurance Inc., his independent insurance agency in Fishers, IN.

Like many independent business owners, his insurance agency is growing and that means extra work for his staff.  Instead of over working his current employees, he considered GetOutMom to provide a few qualified candidates. He sifted through several resumes, interviewed three over-achieving women, and hired Kelsie.  Like any employer he was searching for someone who would be qualified, reliable, and add energy to his team.  Since he’s a dad he already knew how reliable moms are, and like most of us he’s met hundreds of women whose talent is lost to the work force because they simply need to find an avenue to “get back in the game. ”

I first met Kelsie back in October. She has a background similar to thousands of women I’ve met over the last 14 years since I’ve become a mom.  She’s intelligent,  enjoyable to speak with, is a college grad, over qualified for many jobs she’s considering, has 3 children … and has gaps in her work history for family reasons we can all relate to.

When asked how Kelsie is performing on a scale from 1-10, Todd replied “I’d give her a 9 right now. Not a 10 because it’s like the Olympics – I want to give myself room as she improves!  She has stepped in and started contributing immediately to our success.”  Sounds like a win-win.  Wahoooo!

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to meet various moms from‘s community.  Once we get talking it’s great to witness their passion and desire to contribute to the business working world.  Recently after meeting Marisa, she stated, “Speaking to you yesterday made me realize how much I really do want to work and be productive again!”   Passion and desire are priceless, and any business owner who hires Marisa (like many of my moms) will surely benefit far more than hiring from a standard temp agency, and they won’t have to sift through dozens of resumes to find someone who is qualified.

If you know an employer hiring for just about ANY position, please refer them to me (  Likewise, I’d like to meet YOU if you’re looking to get into the work force, part or full-time.

In the meantime, feel free to browse listings and explore a mom-to-mom connection to get stuff done!  Offer up your talents and create a listing today, or hire someone to make your life easier.  It’s all about a win-win for both parties involved.

The Curry Insurance Agency Inc. will deliver you a seriously good insurance quote.  Their philosophy is, “To provide our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service, as is humanly possible, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.”

They offer auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and more… covering all of central Indiana.  Visit them or call today at: 13578 East 131st Street Suite 270, Fishers, IN 46037, 317-644-1770.


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We’ve Morphed

Morph suits were the hottest costume last year for Halloween.  Who knows what it will be this year?  Who knows how anything will turn out a year or two from now?  We’ve learned a great deal over our past 2 years here at  At the top of the list is that most moms are looking for actual part-time or full-time JOBS. So what are we doing about that???

We are listening. We are listening to business needs, we are listening to our moms…. and we are serving up candidates so both parties can decide if they are a match. That doesn’t mean that our moms aren’t still connecting with each other – we highly encourage the mom-to-mom messaging and project hiring/connecting.  But most of our community is interested in landing a job with a biz they can help grow… share their talents with, and be part of a team.  As you know our moms are reliable, extremely talented, and passionate about working so this makes placement a piece of cake.

Basically we’ve morphed into a job recruitment/placement community for moms.  We recruit moms, meet them, screen them, get to know them, then serve them up as candidates when we hear of job openings.  Currently, we have several hundred mom members in the Indy area.  What is our main challenge?  Finding jobs – just like everyone else out there!  But Indy area businesses are starting to hear about our All Star Team of talent and we are placing moms in jobs. Employers agree that this is a win-win, and are thrilled.

Thank you for your future referrals. I’d love to hear about your business needs and serve up a rock star candidate (or a few!) that you might choose to connect with.  If you have oodles of talent and experience to share, and if you’re looking for work, message me and YOU could be part of our All Star Team.

~cami, founder

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5 Insanely Nice Things You Can Say to Any Mom

1) Can you make me a playlist? 2) If I could pick my mother I’d want her to be like you. 3) My kids love your kids. 4) It gets easier. 5) My wine-of-the-month club needs you. Let’s chat briefly about each!

First, even the coolest mom you know feels like she’s not that cool now that she finds out about new songs from Radio Disney.  Let her know that you still admire her taste – and that you want a piece of it.

If  friend came to mind when you heard the compliment about choosing a mom like her… then you should let her know! No doubt she possesses a healthy balance of humor, understanding, and listening skills.  You will not only be giving her the ultimate bestie compliment but also validating her mothering skills.  Boooonus!

Parents have honed their B.S. detectors, so make sure you mean it when you state that your kids love her kids. It’s a wonderfully sneaky compliment disguised as a fact – a fact that she can feel glowy about.

“It gets easier” are 3 words that could mean more than “I love you,” when presented in that moment when someone truly needs to hear them.  Remember your moment?  The one when your toddler was so horrible in public that you knew he was being the ultimate brat and you felt eyes judging you? Instead of stares… imagine how nice it would have been to have a random stranger throw you a bone with those 3 words to give you a shred of hope.  Make someone else’s day and good momma karma will surely follow.

My wine club needs you.  Let’s face it, you’ll have her at “wine.”  ANY thing that involves WINE and not WHINE will instantly boost her spirits and make her want to hang with you.


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5 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Right Now

You should always carry a notebook to capture what most needs remembering so that, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, you’ll never be without good reading material. Here, some prompts to get you started on that most fascinating of stories—yours.

Unexpected Compliments – I will never forget the day in high school when I was driving somewhere and my friend’s cute older brother told me, from the backseat, that I had nice shoulders. It was so unexpected and so unusual that I was forced to conclude it must be true. What was the most unexpected compliment you ever got? The time your co-worker said, “You know, he’s really smart—like you”? The time your toddler heard Aretha Franklin singing and wondered aloud if it was you? Store it up for those times when you really need a random “Nice shoulders!” and the world is not complying.

What Younger You Would Like About Present You - Most of us know our disappointments by name.  But what about your life has turned out to be bigger, brighter, sparklier than you ever would have imagined? What would make 14-year-old you delighted, if not disbelieving? Maybe you have the greatest husband in the world, or seven cats, or a late-discovered but amazing faculty for acquiring new languages. Escribe, por favor.

That One Quote - You know the one.  It’s that line that makes even the worst day seem brighter. When was the last time you took pen to paper, saw the distantly familiar scrawl of your own handwriting? The act of writing makes you slow down and think the words as you go, causes a quote (or poem, or song lyric) to enter your brain more viscerally, retracing the paths of your very own thoughts.

The Hardest Thing to Forgive - This doesn’t have to be the worst thing anyone’s ever done to you, which may have, for whatever reason, been easier to forgive. It’s whatever has been, if you’re really honest with yourself, hardest to let go of. The mean prank in junior high that dismantled your self-esteem may have been eating at you longer that anything else.  For extra credit, write down the story from the point of view of the perpetrator: the distant parent, the cheating ex, the nasty science lab partner. You never know what you might discover.

Your True Happiness – Without thinking too much about it, describe in as much detail as possible your perfect happiness. It can be a remembered instant of bliss or a ludicrous long shot, but whatever it is—a sunny picnic in a meadow, skydiving in Thailand—may offer a clue as to how to get happy in those moments when you really, really aren’t. The act of lingering over each (possibly imagined) detail may just create its own tiny getaway.

Read more of Oprah’s full 15 list here.


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S-U-C-C-E-S-S story, Rosey Rossi

Rossi is one tough mom.  She is also one beautiful person, inside and out.  She’s one of our All Star Moms that we’ve placed in a part-time job and we’re thrilled to be part of her success story.  Her road has been paved with faith and perseverance after Katrina turned her family upside down in 2005. After being evacuated to Houston, TX with her 8 and 16 year old,  she chose to continue building a life there.  But it wasn’t the first time she had been relocated.

Rossi (sounds like “rosey” which matches her outlook on life!), grew up in Honduras, Central America.  She was able to attend an American school because her dad worked for Chiquita banana.  This lead to an opportunity to go to high school in Washington State, and then she moved to New Orleans to attend college.

Rossi had the mind set that many people do when you live in the path of hurricanes… that eventually you will be forced to pack up and go.   Upon arriving in Houston she stayed strong and immediately enrolled her kids in school, began applying for jobs, interviewed, and landed a Director of Operations position.  It was hard on Rossi and her daughter when her son chose to move back to New Orleans and live with his dad to finish high school, but the two girls continued to thrive in Texas.  Three years into their new life in Houston, Rossi met Chris and this new chapter lead to another move well worth her wonderful new life/marriage, and she’s been nurturing her family in Fishers, IN ever since.  But as many moms can relate to…she was looking for work and finding a hard time landing a job after being out of the full-time work force for a spell.

Enter Carmel Advanced Dentistry, who needed part-time help and heard about our community of talented moms at  Hiring a mom was a natural fit for this family owned business that values and respects their clients like true family members.  Walking into this dentist office feels comfortable, cheerful and you’ll know immediately that you matter.  Their entire team is dedicated to provide excellent, personalized care.  Rossi is a natural fit for this friendly, knowledgeable staff that is committed to making your visit a positive experience.  We highly recommend considering Dr. Pauley for your dentist needs (and please say hi to Rossi for us!).

WE want to help other moms find jobs too… and are thankful that businesses are hearing about our quality moms that want to help them grow.

p.s. Did you know that on average women smile about 62 times a day compared to a man’s 8?!

p.s.s. If you are a biz or mom that wants to know more about our All Star Moms, please email me at (or call 317-721-3545).  Our talents run deep! I look forward to listening to your needs and finding a match for you.


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10 Quick Ways to Reclaim Your Sanity

Guest Post, by Gwen Stuart: As a mom, taking time to care for yourself is easier said than done. But your kids rely on you to be whole and healthy so that you can give them the full attention and care they need, so taking care of yourself when you’re a mom is more than an indulgence, it’s a necessity.

1. Get a massage. Having someone rub your sore muscles does a body good, but it also eases stress and promotes relaxation as a whole. Massages help you calm down and prepare you for the challenges ahead. Ask your partner to watch the kids one evening, or see if you can take a long lunch break from work to fit in a massage. Look on deal sites for inexpensive massages or massage packages.

2. Eat well. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a balanced, nutritious meal. Listen to what your body is really craving rather than giving in to the impulse to eat what’s easy.

3. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, joys and frustrations. By getting them out of your head and onto paper, you clear up mental space for taking on the challenges in your day.

4. Take an aromatherapy bath. Lavender is known for soothing sore muscles and relaxing the body and mind. Chamomile relieves anxiety, tension and symptoms of PMS. Clary sage is calming and is known for its antidepressant effects, as well as its help in reducing symptoms of PMS, menstrual cramps and menopause. Do some research to find a scent you like that offers the benefits you need, and add a few drops of the scent to your bathwater for a rejuvenating end to the day.

5. Teach your children that alone time is valuable. There’s nothing wrong with telling your kids you need some quiet time to yourself, and you can teach them to appreciate this time to themselves as well by telling them much being quiet helps you relax and makes you appreciate the time you spend with them.

6. Breathe deeply. Try to slow your breathing to four to six breaths a minute, for several minutes. This promotes relaxation throughout your body.

7. Call a friend or mentor. Talking with someone you care about can do wonders for your mental health.

8. Read something just for fun. Take the time to read something you enjoy. Not an article or book about parenting, not something for work, not the news. Find a book or article on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about, or just pick up a book of fiction and get away from it all.

9. Make a regular arrangement to trade off babysitting. Maybe you watch a friend’s kids every Friday and he or she watches your kids every Saturday, or maybe you trade off once a week. Either way, this arrangement is a win-win: You get regular time to yourself or with your partner, and when the kids are at your house, they mostly keep each other entertained. Consider taking this time to go on a solo mini-retreat: Stay overnight at a hotel or in a cabin, all by yourself, and do activities that replenish you. Write, walk, meditate, sing — whatever makes you feel whole and refreshed.

10. Lastly, be nice to yourself. Self-care isn’t just about making time for exercise, nutrition and massages. It’s also about recognizing that you’re worthy of your own care and love. Be gentle with yourself, recognize that no one’s a perfect parent but you’re doing all that you can, and know that you deserve to treat yourself well and replenish your own inner stores before you can attend to the needs of your kids.

About the Author:

Gwen Stewart is a marketing guru for clients of She works far too many hours, but has made a personal goal of eliminating Sunday from her work week. Her vision for the Fall includes one hour of yoga 4 times each week, homemade soup, saving for retirement, and time off work. She also believes that a nose job can transform and empower a soul.

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10 Smartest Things You Can Do For Your Body This August

That was the title of the email I recentlyreceived from Oprah.  I even clicked on the link and think it’s worth reading.  I also think her list needs the “mom touch,” which is to say it needs a bit of keeping it real.  Here are the highlights (and links) of her list so you can decide how you might choose to plug in:

1) Make the Perfect Summer Salad. Sounds fabulous, yummy, healthy and guilt-free… if you are motivated to make this you’ll be off to a great start.  I will most likely order a side salad the next time I go out to eat which is perfect in my book.

2) Enjoy a Hot Cup of Antioxidants Every Morning. This is very do-able.  Not sure my chai-tea (grown up version of hot chocolate) rates high on the antioxidant scale but it gets me going, and it’s hot, and I drink it most mornings.

3) Eat Low-Glycemic-Index Foods. In a nut shell eat browns instead of whites.  I’m going to focus on the “low” part and eat low… as in on my floor when I’m hanging out watching the Olympics.  You, of course, should probably concentrate on the index part.

4) Hang Upside Down. No joke this is what it says.  Lucky for me my life is already upside down after a local move this summer so I have this one nailed.

5) Eat an Energizing Breakfast. These “raw pancake” thingies sound pretty cool and are definitely healthy.  I will choose to focus on actual pancakes that my kiddos will eat and minimize the mess from the bacon grease.

6) Have More S – x.  If I include that word my spam box will soon be full of messages I don’t want to read.  But read the link if you want a pep talk about reducing stress, strengthening pelvic muscles (popular topic for moms who struggle with peeing themselves at any given time – Ugh, I just sneezed – that was close), and there’s even a “toy” link.

7) Bake a Better Brownie. This is definitely not your college recipe.  If anyone makes these and they are actually “better” in any way, shape, or form… please let me know.  I’d love to be motivated enough to try them.

8) Find a Fun Way to Exercise. I actually did this one recently… a friend inspired me to attend a trampoline exercise class at an indoor trampoline park.  It was a blast.  They hold the class very close to the bathroom so don’t let the pee factor stop you.  A fabulous core work out for all ability types and without a doubt the best work out I’ve completed in months!

9)  Supplement Your Diet with Astaxanthin.  Apparently this is a powerful antioxidant derived from algae.  Sounds interesting and I learned something new today.

10) Get More Sleep. They actually talk about the beauty of napping.  This one can be a challenge even if you’re not a mom.  If you are a mom and you’ve figured out a way to nap then YOU should be writing a best-seller book.


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50 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

A bucket list for kids.  50 things to do before they are 12. The proposed activities on the bucket list are simple and cost little or nothing at all, making them especially attractive during this challenging economy.  The list is sure to bring back happy memories for this era’s overprotective parents, who had far more freedom than they will likely ever give to their children.

According to a 2007 survey by the Children’s Society, some 43 per cent of parents said kids shouldn’t go out alone with friends until they turn 14. In contrast, many of these parents roamed their neighbourhoods without an adult at the age of 10 or younger.

“There’s much more focus on the danger of being outside of the home,” said Mark Hoelterhoff, a senior lecturer of applied psychology at the University of Cumbria in northern England, and father of three. “We’re a bit more paranoid than we need to be.”

Conversely, parents seem less concerned about how a couch-potato lifestyle is hurting their children. The World Health Organization has warned that obesity rates among kids are rising at an “alarming rate.” A study published this month in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine showed that half of preschool children in the United States don’t go outside to play on a daily basis.

Along with keeping children fit, Mr. Hoelterhoff said research shows time outside in nature improves a child’s ability to focus and concentrate, key skills for learning, and also reduces depression. “We know that when kids are outside they learn better,” said Mr. Hoelterhoff. He says the list provides a “gentle reminder” to parents to make green play a priority, alongside other activities like ballet or hockey.

“Even kids out here in rural settings, we’re not as encouraged as we used to be to go out and have fun in the forest and come back for dinner,” Mr. Young says. “We’re losing this side of things that I think is essential for every child’s development.

Parents can provide an important example by turning off their gadgets and exploring nature again. A recently published book, Skimming Stones and Other Ways of Being in the Wild, provides detailed instructions on everything from foraging for food to lighting a fire.

Read more for a complete version of this article… my favorite is #49… if you haven’t tried geocaching yet I highly recommend it.  High tech treasure hunting!  Get the geocaching app and let the fun begin.

The list

1. Climb a tree

2. Roll down a really big hill

3. Camp out in the wild

4. Build a den

5. Skim a stone

6. Run around in the rain

7. Fly a kite

8. Catch a fish with a net

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree

10. Play conkers

11. Throw some snow

12. Hunt for treasure on the beach

13. Make a mud pie

14. Dam a stream

15. Go sledging

16. Bury someone in the sand

17. Set up a snail race

18. Balance on a fallen tree

19. Swing on a rope swing

20. Make a mud slide

21. Eat blackberries growing in the wild

22. Take a look inside a tree

23. Visit an island

24. Feel like you’re flying in the wind

25. Make a grass trumpet

26. Hunt for fossils and bones

27. Watch the sun wake up

28. Climb a huge hill

29. Get behind a waterfall

30. Feed a bird from your hand

31. Hunt for bugs

32. Find some frogspawn

33. Catch a butterfly in a net

34. Track wild animals

35. Discover what’s in a pond

36. Call an owl

37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool

38. Bring up a butterfly

39. Catch a crab

40. Go on a nature walk at night

41. Plant it, grow it, eat it

42. Go wild swimming

43. Go rafting

44. Light a fire without matches

45. Find your way with a map and a compass

46. Try bouldering

47. Cook on a campfire

48. Try abseiling

49. Find a geocache

50. Canoe down a river

Simple, but great reminders that we’ll have to help facilitate many of these activities – or at least give our kids permission to try them.  Unlike us… growing up who discovered and experienced many of them naturally.

I’m betting you could add about 10 quick things now that your mind is smiling over your own memories. :)

Enjoy your summer!


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End Mom Guilt Now!

When was the last time you judged another mom?  In the school drop-off line when someone wore pajamas (gasp)? At the park when you saw a mom let her drippy nose kid touch all the equipment?  For her child being a brat?

Here at we want to help moms help each other, instead of judging and feeling like we need to measure up to “fill in the blank.”

What do you wish moms wouldn’t judge you for?  Not having a clean house?  Breast feeding in public? Hitting the fast food drive through again this week?

REDBOOK magazine is backing an effort to “end mom guilt now,” which is a movement meant to banish mom-on-mom criticism and instill some mommy pride among the mommy masses, says REDBOOK Editor in Chief Jill Herzig.

“One of the things we really like to stand by is the idea that we [moms] should all be listening to each other,” says Herzig. Instead of coming down on one side or another, we should tap into the great diversity of mom voices out there, she adds. “And if you tune into enough people, you will always find a like-minded person, who can help you.”

Herzig, a mom of two, believes that guilt and judgment go hand in hand. “If you didn’t feel there was a whole peanut gallery judging you, you wouldn’t walk around with guilt,” she says.

“We are all juggling balls. We all have strengths and weaknesses,” Herzig says. “Let’s take one day to admit we are all not perfect.”

REDBOOK couldn’t agree more. After all, in their  TODAYMoms/ survey of 26,000 moms, they were amazed to find that 90 percent of us judge other moms, for everything from breast-feeding habits to bratty kids.

Back to  How can we help End Mom Guilt Now?  Perhaps it’s as easy as giving you permission to browse listings,  and finding a task to hire out.  It’s ok to hire (or barter) with someone to save precious time.  Sometimes we just need to hear it’s ok to reach out to others to get help with a project from your to-do list… especially if you’re a new mom, or a new SAHM… you may need to hear it’s “ok.”

To men’s credit, I do believe if the majority of them stayed home to juggle the craziness there would be a lot more outsourcing and a lot less guilt.  I hate to admit it, but they would most likely be more efficient.  I have a feeling I may catch some grief for that last statement, but I do believe it to be true.

I’m so impressed with the moms I’ve met through  Time and time again I’ve seen them support each other and be there to lend a helping hand.  So much talent is offered and I’m happy so many people are realizing that.


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